We want to be crystal clear about this course and your expected results. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. This is not a magic bullet. You will have to work very hard to implement the strategies that we will teach in the course before you get a good job.

Any quotes and results previously mentioned cannot be taken as a predictor of your results. Do not infer that any examples are promises or guarantees of getting a job. "Get Your Dream Job" is the goal, and while we have seen individuals land one with 3-4 months of completing the course, there is no guarantee that it will happen for you in any specific time period. Some people work faster and harder than others and hence results can vary.

We cannot guarantee results, but we can guarantee your money back within 7 days of enrolment if you are not thrilled with how well you start finding yourself prepared for your job search process. Simply follow the system, use the tools, and get the weekly coaching and guidance and if you see that you are not feeling better prepared despite following the system, just send in one email within 7 days of enrolment and you’ll get a complete 100% refund. It is just that simple. We intend to make this the best course you've ever taken.

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